IAML Annual Study Weekend: Music Claimed from Stationers’ Hall / Copyright Hub

Karen McAulay

Karen McAulay

Karen McAulay, from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, will be presenting on her latest research project which looks at the historic copyright music at the University of St Andrews. Most of the items date from the 1780s (when case-law established that music deserved copyright protection) to 1836, when legal deposit arrangements changed. Karen has been examining archival and digital resources to discover what the University really thought of their music collection, and who used it. This has also raised a bigger question of taken as a whole, what really happened to the Stationers’ Hall legal deposit music and would big data help to answer it? Karen is Music and Academic Services Librarian at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is currently on a part-time research sabbatical to embark upon new research into the St Andrews copyright music collection.

Caroline Boyd

Caroline Boyd

Caroline Boyd will be presenting a talk on The Copyright Hub which will include background on the Hub and plans for the music component of it. The Copyright Hub Foundation has two main functions which are education and influence and provision of software services. This talk will show some of the applications using these services and focus on how the Hub can make life easier in the copyright area. There will also be time for feedback and questions from delegates. Caroline Boyd is the CTO and partnership director of the Copyright Hub which she joined in June 2014 and works with their technical partners.


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Music Collections Supervisor at Cambridge University Library. Wide musical interests. Often to be found stuck in a composer's archive, or enthusing about antiquarian music.
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