Your IAML needs you – live / semi-live blogging

Last year's blog

Last year’s blog

After the success of live and nearly-live blogging at last year’s ASW (have a look at for some of the posts featured), I’d like to do it again this year. It was both fun and extremely useful for those who weren’t able to attend the actual event. Sadly this year I won’t be at the ASW so could do with a party of volunteers to cover both the ASW and the Public and Academic Library seminars.

You don’t need any blogging experience. Just pick an event, let me know and then provide 300+ words (preferably with a pic) within a fortnight or so of the ASW (nearer the time the better as it will be fresher in your memory). If you don’t fancy writing but are happy to photograph / video events, your help would also be much appreciated.

Longer articles which are not suitable for the blog will feature in the post-ASW newsletter.

Apologies for the short notice – I’ve been off ill, and the ASW seems to have crept up on me! Please feel free to email me ( / with any queries. Enjoy the ASW!



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Music Collections Supervisor at Cambridge University Library. Wide musical interests. Often to be found stuck in a composer's archive, or enthusing about antiquarian music.
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One Response to Your IAML needs you – live / semi-live blogging

  1. Frances Allott says:

    Also for those who prefer to tweet we have set up a conference hashtag #IAMLASW

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