IAML Annual Study Weekend: Marketing Strategies and Demonstrating Value in Libraries / Manchester in 1916


This year we will be having a panel session exploring effective library marketing strategies and methods of demonstrating value. Neil MacInnes, Head of Libraries, Information and Archives of

Penny Hicks

Penny Hicks

Manchester Public Library and Penny Hicks, Head of Strategic Marketing and Communications at Manchester University Library, will be speaking on this topic from their two perspectives. This topic was suggested in feedback from the 2015 ASW and will be very relevant to all sectors as budget pressures grow and library services are required to demonstrate value and market services to attract wider audiences – there will be time for discussion and questions.

Geoff Thomason

Geoff Thomason

Geoff Thomason, from the Royal Northern College of Music, will be speaking about Manchester during 1916 and also looking at chamber music in Manchester during World War One. Other elements of this presentation will include a decline in concert attendance and the revival of interest as well as how the fortunes of the Brodsky Quartet changed during and after the war. Geoff has recently completed a Ph.D. on the Manchester career of the violinist Adolph Brodsky in the context of foreign influences on the city’s musical life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He is currently a lead researcher on Making music in Manchester during World War 1, funded through the AHRC’s Everyday lives in war project.






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