ASW 2016….the countdown begins

As Chair of IAML (UK&Irl)’s Conference Committee I am looking forward to an inspiring and enjoyable time at this year’s Annual Study Weekend – the full programme is now available on the IAML(UK&Irl) website – see

As always we have a full and varied programme while still leaving time for valuable networking time and live music performance (reminding us of the reason why we are music librarians!).

Manchester will be the host city for the 2016 ASW –


  • City of innovation
  • City of commerce, cradle of the Industrial Revolution and powerhouse of the Empire’s textile trade.
  • City of science and engineering, where Dalton formulated his atomic theory, Rutherford split the atom and Rolls and Royce set up their first motor company.
  • City of music, where Hallé founded one of Europe’s oldest professional orchestras and England’s first provincial music college, and where Manchester bands became the popular soundtrack to the 80s.
  • City of modern media; the BBC’s northern base and home to the BBC Philharmonic.
  • City of learning, which boasts the largest student population in Europe, two world-class universities and an internationally acclaimed conservatoire.
  • City of social campaigning, where the movement for women’s suffrage was born and the Trade Union movement was nurtured.
  • City of libraries, from the historic Chetham’s Library where Engels read to the showpiece Central Library, reopened in 2015.

… and apparently it’s quite good for football too!

Dinner Manchester

Garden Manchester

Our conference accommodation will be at the very comfortable Chancellors Hotel – part of Manchester University’s conference accommodation. The circular conference room, comfortable bedrooms, light and airy dining areas and lawned garden will provide welcoming hospitality for our conference.


The ASW will follow the now standard format with the core programme running from Friday afternoon to Sunday lunchtime. All the usual features of the ASW will be on offer – a variety of presentations, News and Update sessions, library visits, Quick-Fire sessions and a panel-led discussion on marketing and demonstrating value. There will be opportunities to visit the Royal Northern College of Music and the Henry Watson Music Library as part of the core programme.

A warm welcome will be given to “first-timers” and “old stagers” – I look forward to welcoming many of you to Manchester this year.

Frances Allott, Chair, IAML(UK Irl) Conference Committee


About mj263

Music Collections Supervisor at Cambridge University Library. Wide musical interests. Often to be found stuck in a composer's archive, or enthusing about antiquarian music.
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